Calgranulin B

A 13.2-kDa member of the S-100 family of calcium-binding proteins that can form homo- or heterocomplexes with CALGRANULIN A and a variety of other proteins. The calgranulin A/B heterodimer is known as LEUKOCYTE L1 ANTIGEN COMPLEX. Calgranulin B is expressed at high concentrations in GRANULOCYTES during early monocyte differentiation, and serum calgranulin B levels are elevated in many inflammatory disorders such as CYSTIC FIBROSIS.
Also Known As:
60B8-A Antigen; Antigen 60B8-A; CABP-P14; Leukocyte L1 Protein Heavy Chain; MRP-14 Protein; MRP14 Protein; Macrophage-Related Protein-14; Myeloid Calcium-Binding Protein p14; S100A9 Protein; 60B8 A Antigen; Antigen 60B8 A; Antigen, 60B8-A; MRP 14 Protein; Macrophage Related Protein 14; Myeloid Calcium Binding Protein p14
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12/01/2009 - "(1) Among patients with histologic chorioamnionitis, the mRNA expression of alpha-defensin-1 and calgranulin B in the fetal membranes of patients with PTL and intact membranes as well as that of calgranulin B in the fetal membranes of patients with PPROM is higher than in the membranes of those without histologic chorioamnionitis; (2) histologic chorioamnionitis is associated with differences in the pattern of alpha-defensin-1 mRNA expression in the fetal membranes in patients with PTL and intact membranes and those with PPROM."
12/01/2009 - "(1) The expression of alpha-defensin-1 mRNA in the fetal membranes was higher in patients with PTL and intact membranes with histologic chorioamnionitis, than those without chorioamnionitis (19.4-fold, p < 0.001); (2) Among patients with histologic chorioamnionitis, patients with PTL and intact membranes had a higher alpha-defensin-1 mRNA expression than those with PPROM (5.5-fold, p = 0.003); (3) Histologic chorioamnionitis was associated with a higher calgranulin B mRNA expression in the chorioamniotic membranes of patients with both PTL and intact membranes (7.9-fold, p = 0.03) and PPROM (7.6-fold, p < 0.0001); (4) The expression of calgranulin B mRNA in the fetal membranes was higher in patients with PTL and intact membranes without histologic chorioamnionitis than in those with PPROM without histologic chorioamnionitis (2.7-fold, p = 0.03); (5) There were no differences in the expression of beta-defensin-1 and granulysin in the chorioamniotic membranes between the study groups even in the presence of histologic chorioamnioniotis. "

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