TATA Box Binding Protein-Like Proteins

A class of proteins related in structure and function to TATA-BOX BINDING PROTEIN that can take the place of TATA-BOX BINDING PROTEIN in the transcription initiation complex. They are found in most multicellular organisms and may be involved in tissue-specific promoter regulation. They bind to DNA and interact with TATA-BINDING PROTEIN ASSOCIATED FACTORS, however they may lack specificity for the TATA-BOX.
Also Known As:
TATA-Binding Protein-Related Factor; TATA-Binding Protein-Related Factors; TBP-Like Protein (TLP); TBP-Like TLP; TATA Binding Protein Related Factor; TATA Binding Protein Related Factors; TATA Box Binding Protein Like Proteins; TBP Like TLP; TBP Related Factor; TLP, TBP-Like; TBP-Related Factor
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