Seminal Vesicle Secretory Proteins

The secretory proteins of the seminal vesicles are proteins and enzymes that are important in the rapid clotting of the ejaculate. The major clotting protein is seminal vesicle-specific antigen. Many of these seminal vesicle proteins are under androgen regulation, and are substrates for the prostatic enzymes, such as the PROSTATE-SPECIFIC ANTIGEN, a protease and an esterase.
Also Known As:
Clotting Protein (Seminal Vesicle); Clotting Proteins (Seminal Vesicle); Seminal Vesicle Clotting Protein; Seminal Vesicle Proteins; Proteins, Seminal Vesicle; Vesicle Proteins, Seminal; Seminal Vesicle Clotting Proteins
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