Chloride-Bicarbonate Antiporters

Membrane proteins that allow the exchange of chloride ions for bicarbonate ions across the cellular membrane. The action of specific antiporters in this class serve important functions such as allowing the efficient exchange of bicarbonate across red blood cell membranes as they passage through capillaries and the reabsorption of bicarbonate ions by the kidney.
Also Known As:
Bicarbonate-Chloride Antiport; Chloride-Bicarbonate Exchanger; Chloride-Bicarbonate Exchangers; Cl(-)-HCO3(-)-Exchanger; Cl- HCO3- Exchanger; Antiport, Bicarbonate-Chloride; Antiporters, Chloride-Bicarbonate; Bicarbonate Chloride Antiport; Chloride Bicarbonate Antiporters; Chloride Bicarbonate Exchanger; Chloride Bicarbonate Exchangers; Exchanger, Chloride-Bicarbonate; Exchangers, Chloride-Bicarbonate
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