MADS Domain Proteins

A superfamily of proteins that share a highly conserved MADS domain sequence motif. The term MADS refers to the first four members which were MCM1 PROTEIN; AGAMOUS 1 PROTEIN; DEFICIENS PROTEIN; and SERUM RESPONSE FACTOR. Many MADS domain proteins have been found in species from all eukaryotic kingdoms. They play an important role in development, especially in plants where they have an important role in flower development.
Also Known As:
Agamous-Related Proteins; Deficiens-Agamous-Related Proteins; Agamous Like Proteins; Agamous Related Proteins; Deficiens Agamous Like Proteins; Deficiens Agamous Related Proteins; Proteins, Agamous-Related; Agamous-Like Proteins; Deficiens-Agamous-Like Proteins
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