Chloroplast Proton-Translocating ATPases (Chloroplast ATP Synthase)

Proton-translocating ATPases which produce ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE in plants. They derive energy from light-driven reactions that develop high concentrations of protons within the membranous cisternae (THYLAKOIDS) of the CHLOROPLASTS.
Also Known As:
Chloroplast ATP Synthase; CF1 ATPase; Chloroplast ATP Synthases; Chloroplast ATPases; Chloroplast Coupling Factor 0; Chloroplast Coupling Factor 1; Chloroplast Coupling Factors; Chloroplast F(1)F(0) ATPase; Coupling Factor 0; ATP Synthase, Chloroplast; ATP Synthases, Chloroplast; ATPase, CF1; ATPase, Chloroplast; ATPases, Chloroplast; ATPases, Chloroplast Proton-Translocating; Chloroplast Proton Translocating ATPases; Synthase, Chloroplast ATP; Synthases, Chloroplast ATP; Chloroplast ATPase; Chloroplast Coupling Factor; Coupling Factor 1
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