Stored Messenger RNA

Messenger RNA that is stored in a masked state for translation at a later time. Distinguish from RNA, UNTRANSLATED which refers to non-messenger RNA, i.e. RNA that does not code for protein.
Also Known As:
RNA, Messenger, Stored; Masked mRNA; Maternal mRNA; Paternal mRNA; Stored mRNA; Messenger RNA, Masked; Messenger RNA, Maternal; Messenger RNA, Paternal; Messenger RNA, Stored; RNA, Masked Messenger; RNA, Maternal Messenger; RNA, Paternal Messenger; RNA, Stored Messenger; mRNA, Masked; mRNA, Maternal; mRNA, Paternal; mRNA, Stored; Masked Messenger RNA; Maternal Messenger RNA; Paternal Messenger RNA; RNA, Messenger, Masked; RNA, Messenger, Maternal; RNA, Messenger, Paternal
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