CCAAT-Binding Factor

A heterotrimeric DNA-binding protein that binds to CCAAT motifs in the promoters of eukaryotic genes. It is composed of three subunits: A, B and C.
Also Known As:
CBF Protein, CCAAT-Binding; CBF-A Protein, CCAAT-Binding; CBF-B Protein, CCAAT-Binding; CBF-C Protein, CCAAT-Binding; CCAAT-Binding Protein, CP1; CCAAT-Binding Transcription Factor; CCAAT-Binding-Factor; NF-Y Protein; CBF A Protein, CCAAT Binding; CBF B Protein, CCAAT Binding; CBF C Protein, CCAAT Binding; CBF Protein, CCAAT Binding; CCAAT Binding Factor; CCAAT Binding Factor, A Subunit; CCAAT Binding Factor, B Subunit; CCAAT Binding Factor, C Subunit; CCAAT Binding Protein, CP1; CCAAT Binding Transcription Factor; CCAAT-Binding CBF Protein; CCAAT-Binding CBF-A Protein; CCAAT-Binding CBF-B Protein; CCAAT-Binding CBF-C Protein; CP1 CCAAT-Binding Protein; Factor, A-Subunit CCAAT-Binding; Factor, B-Subunit CCAAT-Binding; Factor, C-Subunit CCAAT-Binding; NF Y Protein; Protein, CCAAT-Binding CBF-A; Protein, CCAAT-Binding CBF-B; Protein, NF-Y; Transcription Factor, CCAAT-Binding; CCAAT-Binding Factor, A-Subunit; CCAAT-Binding Factor, B-Subunit; CCAAT-Binding Factor, C-Subunit
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