rap1 GTP-Binding Proteins

A genetically related subfamily of RAP GTP-BINDING PROTEINS that share homology with RAS PROTEINS. They bind to Ras effectors but do not activate them, therefore they may antagonize the effects of RAS PROTEINS. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC
Also Known As:
Krev-1 Protein; rap1 GTP-Binding Protein; rap1A Protein; smg p21A Protein; GTP-Binding Protein, Krev-1; GTP-Binding Protein, rap1; GTP-Binding Protein, rap1A; GTP-Binding Proteins, rap1; Krev 1 GTP Binding Protein; Krev 1 Protein; SMG p21A GTP Binding Protein; p21A Protein, smg; rap1 GTP Binding Protein; rap1 GTP Binding Proteins; rap1A GTP Binding Protein; smg p21 GTP Binding Protein; Krev-1 GTP-Binding Protein; SMG p21A GTP-Binding Protein; rap1A GTP-Binding Protein; smg p21 GTP-Binding Protein
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