Oncogene Proteins v-myb

Transforming proteins coded by myb oncogenes. Transformation of cells by v-myb in conjunction with v-ets is seen in the avian E26 leukemia virus.
Also Known As:
Oncogene Products v-myb; Oncogene Protein myb; Oncogene Proteins myb; v-myb Protein; Oncogene Products v myb; Oncogene Proteins v myb; Oncogene Proteins, myb; myb, Oncogene Protein; myb, Oncogene Proteins; v myb Protein; v myb Proteins; v-myb, Oncogene Products; v-myb, Oncogene Proteins; myb Oncogene Proteins; p48(v-myb); v-myb Proteins
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