Oncogene Proteins v-rel

Transforming proteins coded by rel oncogenes. The v-rel protein competes with rel-related proteins and probably transforms cells by acting as a dominant negative version of c-rel. This results in the induction of a broad range of leukemias and lymphomas.
Also Known As:
Oncogene Products v-rel; Oncogene Protein rel; Oncogene Proteins rel; v-rel Protein; Oncogene Products v rel; Oncogene Proteins v rel; Oncogene Proteins, rel; Protein, v-rel; Proteins, v-rel; rel, Oncogene Protein; rel, Oncogene Proteins; v rel Protein; v rel Proteins; v-rel, Oncogene Products; v-rel, Oncogene Proteins; Oncogene Protein pp59(v-rel); pp59(v-rel); rel Oncogene Proteins; v-rel Proteins
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