Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-rel

Cellular DNA-binding proteins encoded by the rel gene (GENES, REL). They are expressed predominately in hematopoietic cells and may play a role in lymphocyte differentiation. Rel frequently combines with other related proteins (NF-KAPPA B, I-kappa B, relA) to form heterodimers that regulate transcription. Rearrangement or overexpression of c-rel can cause tumorigenesis.
Also Known As:
Proto-Oncogene Products c-rel; Proto-Oncogene Protein c-rel; Proto-Oncogene Proteins rel; c-rel Protein; p68 c-rel; rel Proto-Oncogene Product p68; Protein, c-rel; Proteins, c-rel; Proto Oncogene Products c rel; Proto Oncogene Protein c rel; Proto Oncogene Proteins c rel; Proto Oncogene Proteins rel; Proto-Oncogene Proteins, rel; c rel Protein; c rel Proteins; c-rel, Proto-Oncogene Products; c-rel, Proto-Oncogene Protein; c-rel, Proto-Oncogene Proteins; c-rel, p68; p68 c rel; rel Proto Oncogene Product p68; rel Proto Oncogene Proteins; c-rel Proteins; p68(c-rel); rel Proto-Oncogene Proteins
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