GTP-Binding Protein Regulators

Proteins that regulate the signaling activity of GTP-BINDING PROTEINS. They are divided into three categories depending upon whether they stimulate GTPase activity (GTPASE-ACTIVATING PROTEINS), inhibit release of GDP; (GUANINE NUCLEOTIDE DISSOCIATION INHIBITORS); or exchange GTP for GDP; (GUANINE NUCLEOTIDE EXCHANGE FACTORS).
Also Known As:
Regulating Factors, G-Protein; Regulating Factors, GTP-Binding Protein; G Protein Regulating Factors; G Protein Signaling Regulators; GTP Binding Protein Regulators; Regulating Factors, GTP Binding Protein; Regulators, G Protein Signaling; Regulators, GTP-Binding Protein; Signaling Regulators, G-Protein; G-Protein Regulating Factors; G-Protein Signaling Regulators; Regulators, G-Protein Signaling
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