N-Methylscopolamine (Scopolamine Methylbromide)

A muscarinic antagonist used to study binding characteristics of muscarinic cholinergic receptors.
Also Known As:
Scopolamine Methylbromide; DD 234; DD-234; Hyoscine Methiodide; Hyoscine Methobromide; Methylscopolamine Nitrate; Methylscopolammonium Methylsulfate; N-Methylscine Methylsulfate; N-Methylscopolamine Bromide; N-Methylscopolamine Iodide; N-Methylscopolamine Methylchloride; N-Methylscopolamine Methylsulfate; N-Methylscopolamine Nitrate; Skopyl; Ulix; Bromide, N-Methylscopolamine; DD234; Iodide, N-Methylscopolamine; Methobromide, Hyoscine; Methylbromide, Scopolamine; Methylchloride, N-Methylscopolamine; Methylsulfate, N-Methylscine; Methylsulfate, N-Methylscopolamine; N Methylscine Methylsulfate; N Methylscopolamine; N Methylscopolamine Bromide; N Methylscopolamine Iodide; N Methylscopolamine Methylchloride; N Methylscopolamine Methylsulfate; N Methylscopolamine Nitrate; Nitrate, N-Methylscopolamine
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