Neuron-Glia Cell Adhesion Molecules (Cell Adhesion Molecules, Neuron Glia)

Cell adhesion molecules that mediate neuron-neuron adhesion and neuron-astrocyte adhesion. They are expressed on neurons and Schwann cells, but not astrocytes and are involved in neuronal migration, neurite fasciculation, and outgrowth. Ng-CAM is immunologically and structurally distinct from NCAM.
Also Known As:
Cell Adhesion Molecules, Neuron Glia; Cell Adhesion Molecules, Neuron-Glia; G4 Antigen; Adhesion Molecules, Neuron-Glia; Neuron Glia Adhesion Molecules; Neuron Glia Cell Adhesion Molecules; Neuron-Glia Adhesion Molecules; Ng-CAM
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