Neurokinin-2 Receptors (Neurokinin 2 Receptor)

A class of cell surface receptors for tachykinins that prefers neurokinin A; (NKA, substance K, neurokinin alpha, neuromedin L), neuropeptide K; (NPK); or neuropeptide gamma over other tachykinins. Neurokinin-2 (NK-2) receptors have been cloned and are similar to other G-protein coupled receptors.
Also Known As:
Neurokinin 2 Receptor; Receptors, Neurokinin-2; NK-2 Receptor; NK-2 Receptor Site; Neurokinin-2 Receptor; SP-K Receptor; Substance K Receptor; A Receptors, Neurokinin; NK 2 Receptor; NK 2 Receptor Site; NK 2 Receptors; Neurokinin 2 Receptors; Receptor Site, NK-2; Receptor, NK-2; Receptor, Neurokinin-2; Receptor, SP-K; Receptor, Substance K; Receptors, NK 2; Receptors, Neurokinin 2; Receptors, Neurokinin A; Receptors, SP-K; SP K Receptor; SP K Receptors; NK-2 Receptors; Neurokinin A Receptors; Receptors, NK-2; Receptors, Substance K; SP-K Receptors; Substance K Receptors
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03/17/2008 - "The results demonstrate that NK(1) and NK(2) receptors are involved in stress-related colonic motor alterations and visceral pain responses in gerbils and that combined antagonism provides enhanced inhibition of visceral pain responses. "
02/01/1996 - "In summary, spinal neurokinin-2 receptors are important in the generation of pain in the normal and inflamed joint."
11/01/2007 - "Neurokinin-2 receptor levels correlate with intensity, frequency, and duration of pain in chronic pancreatitis."
05/01/2010 - "Blockade of NK(1) and NK(2) receptors attenuated the formalin-induced increases in mean arterial pressure and heart rate, adrenaline and ACTH concentrations in plasma, and completely abolished the pain-induced c-Fos expression in corticotrophin-releasing hormone neurones localised in the parvocellular division of the PVN. "
01/01/2000 - "Our results show that (i) the modified formalin test elicited an intense grooming behaviour and expression of c-Fos in numerous forebrain and brainstem areas, (ii) both tachykinin receptor antagonists were able to attenuate the behavioural response to pain and to reduce the formalin-induced c-Fos expression in some, but not all, brain areas, and (iii) the neurokinin-1 antagonist, RP 67580, was more effective in inhibiting the behavioural response to formalin and the pain-induced activation of c-Fos than the antagonist for neurokinin-2 receptors, SR 48968, indicating that neurokinin-1 receptors are preferentially activated in neurokinin-containing pathways responding to noxious stimuli. "
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