Oncogene Proteins v-mos

Transforming proteins coded by mos oncogenes. The v-mos proteins were originally isolated from the Moloney murine sarcoma virus (Mo-MSV).
Also Known As:
Oncogene Products v-mos; Oncogene Proteins mos; p37 v-mos; p85 gag-mos; Fusion Proteins, gag mos; Oncogene Products v mos; Oncogene Proteins v mos; Oncogene Proteins, mos; Products v-mos, Oncogene; Proteins mos, Oncogene; Proteins v-mos, Oncogene; gag-mos Fusion Proteins; gag-mos, p85; mos, Oncogene Proteins; p37 v mos; p85 gag mos; v mos Proteins; v-mos, Oncogene Products; v-mos, Oncogene Proteins; v-mos, p37; Fusion Proteins, gag-mos; Oncogene Protein p37(v-mos); Oncogene Protein p85(gag-mos); mos Oncogene Proteins; p37(v-mos); p85(gag-mos); v-mos Proteins
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