Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-mos

Cellular proteins encoded by the c-mos genes (GENES, MOS). They function in the cell cycle to maintain MATURATION PROMOTING FACTOR in the active state and have protein-serine/threonine kinase activity. Oncogenic transformation can take place when c-mos proteins are expressed at the wrong time.
Also Known As:
Proto-Oncogene Products c-mos; Proto-Oncogene Proteins mos; mos Proto-Oncogene Product pp39; pp39 c-mos; Products c-mos, Proto-Oncogene; Proteins c-mos, Proto-Oncogene; Proteins mos, Proto-Oncogene; Proteins, c-mos; Proteins, mos Proto-Oncogene; Proto Oncogene Products c mos; Proto Oncogene Proteins c mos; Proto Oncogene Proteins mos; Proto-Oncogene Proteins, mos; c mos Proteins; c-mos, Proto-Oncogene Products; c-mos, Proto-Oncogene Proteins; c-mos, pp39; mos Proto Oncogene Product pp39; mos Proto Oncogene Proteins; pp39 c mos; Cytostatic Factor; c-mos Proteins; mos Proto-Oncogene Proteins; pp39(c-mos)
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