Oncogene Protein p65(gag-jun)

Transforming protein coded by jun oncogenes (GENES, JUN). This is a gag-onc fusion protein of about 65 kDa derived from avian sarcoma virus. v-jun lacks a negative regulatory domain that regulates transcription in c-jun.
Also Known As:
Oncogene Product v-jun; Oncogene Protein jun; p65 gag-jun; Fusion Proteins, gag jun; Oncogene Product v jun; Oncogene Protein v jun; Oncogene Protein, jun; Product v-jun, Oncogene; Protein jun, Oncogene; Protein v-jun, Oncogene; Protein, jun Oncogene; Protein, v-jun; Proteins, gag-jun Fusion; gag-jun Fusion Proteins; gag-jun, p65; jun, Oncogene Protein; p65 gag jun; v jun Protein; v-jun, Oncogene Product; v-jun, Oncogene Protein; Fusion Proteins, gag-jun; Oncogene Protein v-jun; jun Oncogene Protein; p65(gag-jun); v-jun Protein
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