Minor Lymphocyte Stimulatory Antigens

Endogenous superantigens responsible for inducing strong proliferative responses in T-cells in mixed lymphocyte reactions (see LYMPHOCYTE CULTURE TEST, MIXED). They are encoded by mouse mammary tumor viruses that have integrated into the germ line as DNA proviruses (MINOR LYMPHOCYTE STIMULATORY LOCI).
Also Known As:
Minor Lymphocyte-Stimulating Antigens; Minor Lymphocyte-Stimulating Determinants; Antigens, Minor Lymphocyte-Stimulating; Antigens, Mls; Determinants, Lymphocyte-Activating; Determinants, Minor Lymphocyte-Stimulating; Determinants, Mls; Lymphocyte Activating Determinants; Lymphocyte-Stimulating Antigens, Minor; Lymphocyte-Stimulating Determinants, Minor; Minor Lymphocyte Stimulating Antigens; Minor Lymphocyte Stimulating Determinants; Antigens, Minor Lymphocyte Stimulatory; Lymphocyte Stimulatory Antigens, Minor; Lymphocyte-Activating Determinants; Minor Lymphocyte Stimulatory Determinants; Mls Antigens; Mls Determinants
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