A synthetic methylprostaglandin E1 analog that reduces gastric acid secretion and enhances the gastric mucus-bicarbonate barrier. It is effective in the therapy of gastric ulcers and gives significant protection against NSAID-induced gastric mucosal damage. The drug also prevents cyclosporin A-induced damage to endocrine and exocrine pancreatic secretions. It shows a low order of acute toxicity and there is no evidence of embryotoxicity, fetotoxicity, teratogenicity, or mutagenicity in animal studies.
Also Known As:
ORF-15927; RWJ-15927; TR-4698; ORF 15927; ORF15927; RWJ 15927; RWJ15927; TR 4698; TR4698; Prost-13-en-9-one, 1,11,16-trihydroxy-16-methyl-, (11alpha,13E)-
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