Integrin alphaXbeta2 (Complement Receptor 4)

A major adhesion-associated heterodimer molecule expressed by MONOCYTES; GRANULOCYTES; NK CELLS; and some LYMPHOCYTES. The alpha subunit is the CD11C ANTIGEN, a surface antigen expressed on some myeloid cells. The beta subunit is the CD18 ANTIGEN.
Also Known As:
Complement Receptor 4; CR4 Receptor; Complement Receptor Type 4; Neutrophil GP150; Neutrophil Glycoprotein Gp150; Receptor, CR4; alphaXbeta2 Integrin; p150,95 Glycoprotein; Antigen, p150,95; GP150, Neutrophil; Glycoprotein Gp150, Neutrophil; Glycoprotein, p150,95; Gp150, Neutrophil Glycoprotein; Integrin, alphaXbeta2; alphaXbeta2, Integrin; Antigen p150,95; Leukocyte Adhesion Protein p150,95; p150,95 Antigen
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