Tumor Suppressor Genes

Genes that inhibit expression of the tumorigenic phenotype. They are normally involved in holding cellular growth in check. When tumor suppressor genes are inactivated or lost, a barrier to normal proliferation is removed and unregulated growth is possible.
Also Known As:
Genes, Tumor Suppressor; Anti-Oncogenes; Genes, Onco-Suppressor; Oncogenes, Recessive; Tumor Suppressing Genes; Anti Oncogenes; Anti-Oncogene; Antioncogene; Cancer Suppressor Gene; Emerogene; Gene, Cancer Suppressor; Gene, Growth Suppressor; Gene, Metastasis Suppressor; Gene, Onco-Suppressor; Gene, Tumor Suppressing; Gene, Tumor Suppressor; Genes, Onco Suppressor; Genes, Tumor Suppressing; Growth Suppressor Gene; Metastasis Suppressor Gene; Onco-Suppressor Gene; Onco-Suppressor Genes; Oncogene, Recessive; Recessive Oncogene; Recessive Oncogenes; Suppressor Gene, Cancer; Suppressor Gene, Growth; Suppressor Gene, Metastasis; Suppressor Genes, Cancer; Suppressor Genes, Growth; Suppressor Genes, Metastasis; Tumor Suppressing Gene; Tumor Suppressor Gene; Antioncogenes; Cancer Suppressor Genes; Emerogenes; Genes, Cancer Suppressor; Genes, Growth Suppressor; Genes, Metastasis Suppressor; Growth Suppressor Genes; Metastasis Suppressor Genes
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