Leukocyte-Adhesion Receptors

Family of proteins associated with the capacity of LEUKOCYTES to adhere to each other and to certain substrata, e.g., the C3bi component of complement. Members of this family are the LYMPHOCYTE FUNCTION-ASSOCIATED ANTIGEN-1; (LFA-1), the MACROPHAGE-1 ANTIGEN; (Mac-1), and the INTEGRIN ALPHAXBETA2 or p150,95 leukocyte adhesion protein. They all share a common beta-subunit which is the CD18 antigen. All three of the above antigens are absent in inherited LEUKOCYTE-ADHESION DEFICIENCY SYNDROME, which is characterized by recurrent bacterial infections, impaired pus formation, and wound healing as well as abnormalities in a wide spectrum of adherence-dependent functions of granulocytes, monocytes, and lymphoid cells.
Also Known As:
Receptors, Leukocyte-Adhesion; Leukocyte-Adhesion Receptor; Leukocyte-Adhesion Receptor Family; Family, Leu-CAM Receptor; Leu CAM Receptor Family; Leukocyte Adhesion Receptor; Leukocyte Adhesion Receptor Family; Leukocyte Adhesion Receptors; Receptor Family, Leu-CAM; Receptor, Leukocyte-Adhesion; Receptors, Leukocyte Adhesion; Leu-CAM Receptor Family
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