Myosin Subfragments

Parts of the myosin molecule resulting from cleavage by proteolytic enzymes (PAPAIN; TRYPSIN; or CHYMOTRYPSIN) at well-localized regions. Study of these isolated fragments helps to delineate the functional roles of different parts of myosin. Two of the most common subfragments are myosin S-1 and myosin S-2. S-1 contains the heads of the heavy chains plus the light chains and S-2 contains part of the double-stranded, alpha-helical, heavy chain tail (myosin rod).
Also Known As:
ATPase, Actin-S1; Actin S1 ATPase; Actoheavy Meromyosin; Actomyosin Subfragment 1 ATPase; H-Meromyosin; Heavy Meromyosin; Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-1; Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-2; Light Meromyosin; Myosin Subfragment-1; Myosin Subfragment-2; ATPase, Actin S1; Actin-S1 ATPase; H Meromyosin; Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment 1; Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment 2; Meromyosin Subfragment-1, Heavy; Meromyosin Subfragment-2, Heavy; Meromyosin, Actoheavy; Meromyosin, Heavy; Meromyosin, Light; Myosin S 1; Myosin S 2; Myosin Subfragment 1; Myosin Subfragment 2; Subfragment-1, Heavy Meromyosin; Subfragment-1, Myosin; Subfragment-2, Heavy Meromyosin; Subfragment-2, Myosin; Subfragments, Actomyosin; Subfragments, Meromyosin; Subfragments, Myosin; Actomyosin Subfragments; Meromyosin Subfragments; Myosin Rod; Myosin S-1; Myosin S-2
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