Deoxyribonuclease BamHI

One of the Type II site-specific deoxyribonucleases (EC It recognizes and cleaves the sequence G/GATCC at the slash. BamHI is from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens N. Numerous isoschizomers have been identified. EC 3.1.21.-.
Also Known As:
AacI Endonuclease; AaeI Endonuclease; AccEBI Endonuclease; AliI Endonuclease; ApaCI Endonuclease; BamFI Endonuclease; BamHI Deoxyribonuclease; BamHI Endonuclease; BamI Endonuclease; BamKI Endonuclease; BamNI Endonuclease; BnaI Endonuclease; BstI Deoxyribonuclease; BstI Endonuclease; DdsI Endonuclease; Endonuclease AacI; Endonuclease AaeI; Endonuclease AccEBI; Endonuclease Ali12257I; Endonuclease Ali12258I; Endonuclease AliI; Endonuclease BamFI; Endonuclease BamKI; Endonuclease BamNI; Endonuclease BnaI; Endonuclease Bst1503; Endonuclease BstI; Endonuclease DdsI; Endonuclease GdoI; Endonuclease GinI; Endonuclease GoxI; Endonuclease MleI; Endonuclease NasBI; Endonuclease NspSAIV; Endonuclease RhsI; Endonuclease SolI; GdoI Endonuclease; GinI Endonuclease; GoxI Endonuclease; MleI Endonuclease; NasBI Endonuclease; NspSAIV Endonuclease; RhsI Endonuclease; SolI Endonuclease; Endonuclease, ApaCI; Endonuclease, SolI; SolI, Endonuclease; DNA Restriction Enzyme BamHI; Deoxyribonuclease BstI; Endonuclease BamHI
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