Arylsulfotransferase (Phenol Sulfotransferase)

A sulfotransferase that catalyzes the sulfation of a phenol in the presence of 3'-phosphoadenylylsulfate as sulfate donor to yield an aryl sulfate and adenosine 3',5'-bisphosphate. A number of aromatic compounds can act as acceptors; however, organic hydroxylamines are not substrates. Sulfate conjugation by this enzyme is a major pathway for the biotransformation of phenolic and catechol drugs as well as neurotransmitters. EC
Also Known As:
Phenol Sulfotransferase; Aryl Sulfotransferase; Sulfokinase; Acetaminophen Sulphotransferase; Catecholamine Sulfotransferase A; Catecholamine Sulfotransferase B; Dopamine Sulfotransferase; Flavonoid Sulfotransferase; Phenol Sulfokinase; Phenol Sulfotransferase M; Phenol Sulfotransferase P; Phenolsulfokinase; Phenolsulfotransferase P; Sulfotransferase A, Catecholamine; Sulfotransferase B, Catecholamine; Sulfotransferase M, Phenol; Sulfotransferase P, Phenol; Sulfotransferase, Aryl; Sulfotransferase, Dopamine; Sulfotransferase, Flavonoid; Sulfotransferase, Phenol; Sulphotransferase, Acetaminophen; 3'-Phosphoadenylylsulfate:phenol sulfotransferase
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