1-Sarcosine-8-Isoleucine Angiotensin II (1 Sarcosine 8 Isoleucine Angiotensin II)

An ANGIOTENSIN II analog which acts as a highly specific inhibitor of ANGIOTENSIN TYPE 1 RECEPTOR.
Also Known As:
1 Sarcosine 8 Isoleucine Angiotensin II; 1-(N-Methylglycine)-8-L-Isoleucine-Angiotensin II; Sarile; 1 Sar 8 Ile Angiotensin II; Angiotensin II, 1-Sar-8-Ile; Angiotensin II, 1-Sarcosine-8-Isoleucine; 1-Sar-8-Ile Angiotensin II; Angiotensin II, 1-(N-methylglycine)-8-L-isoleucine-
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