Viral Fusion Proteins

Proteins, usually glycoproteins, found in the viral envelopes of a variety of viruses. They promote cell membrane fusion and thereby may function in the uptake of the virus by cells.
Also Known As:
F Protein (Sendai Virus); F Protein Measles Virus; F Protein Newcastle Disease Virus; F Protein SV; F-Glycoprotein SV; F1 Polypeptide (Paramyxovirus); Fusion Glycoprotein, Viral; Fusion VP1 Protein; Glycoprotein, Viral Fusion; Measles Fusion Protein; Mumps Virus Fusion Protein; Paramyxovirus Fusion Protein; Sendai Virus Fusion Protein; Viral Fusion-GP; Virus Fusion Proteins; Fusion Glycoproteins, Viral; Fusion Protein, Measles; Fusion Protein, Paramyxovirus; Fusion Proteins, Virus; Fusion-GP, Viral; Glycoproteins, Viral Fusion; Proteins, Virus Fusion; VP1 Protein, Fusion; Viral Fusion GP; Viral Fusion Glycoprotein; Fusion Proteins, Viral; Viral Fusion Glycoproteins
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