Viral Core Proteins

Proteins found mainly in icosahedral DNA and RNA viruses. They consist of proteins directly associated with the nucleic acid inside the NUCLEOCAPSID.
Also Known As:
Adenovirus Core Protein VII; Core Protein V; Core Protein lambda 2; Influenza Virus Core Proteins; Major Core Protein lambda 1; Major Core Protein lambda-1; Major Core Protein sigma 2; Major Core Protein sigma-2; OVP 19; Oncornaviral Protein P19; P30 Core Proteins; Viral Protein P19; Virus Core Proteins; Core Protein, Major; Core Proteins, P30; Core Proteins, Virus; Protein P19, Oncornaviral; Protein P19, Viral; Protein, Major Core; Proteins, P30 Core; Proteins, Viral Core; Proteins, Virus Core; Core Proteins, Viral; Major Core Protein; Major Core Proteins, Viral
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