Succinate-CoA Ligases (Succinyl Coenzyme A Synthetases)

Enzymes that catalyze the first step leading to the oxidation of succinic acid by the reversible formation of succinyl-CoA from succinate and CoA with the concomitant cleavage of ATP to ADP (EC or GTP to GDP (EC and orthophosphate. Itaconate can act instead of succinate and ITP instead of GTP.EC 6.2.1.-.
Also Known As:
Succinyl Coenzyme A Synthetases; CoA Synthetases, Succinyl; Ligases, Succinate-CoA; Succinate CoA Ligases; Synthetases, Succinyl CoA; Thiokinases, Succinic; Succinate-CoA Ligase (GDP-Forming); Succinate-CoA Ligases (ADP-Forming); Succinic Thiokinases; Succinyl CoA Synthetases; Succinate:CoA ligase (GDP- or ADP-forming)
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