15-Oxoprostaglandin 13-Reductase

(5Z)-(15S)-11 alpha-Hydroxy-9,15-dioxoprostanoate:NAD(P)+ delta(13)-oxidoreductase. An enzyme active in prostaglandin E and F catabolism. It catalyzes the reduction of the double bond at the 13-14 position of the 15-ketoprostaglandins and uses NADPH as cofactor. EC
Also Known As:
15-Ketoprostaglandin delta 13-Reductase; delta 13-15-Ketoprostaglandin Reductase; delta-13-PG-Reductase; 13-15-Ketoprostaglandin Reductase, delta; 13-Reductase, 15-Ketoprostaglandin delta; 13-Reductase, 15-Oxoprostaglandin; 15 Ketoprostaglandin delta 13 Reductase; 15 Oxoprostaglandin 13 Reductase; Prostaglandin 13,14 Reductase; Prostaglandin delta 13 Reductase; Reductase, delta 13-15-Ketoprostaglandin; delta 13 15 Ketoprostaglandin Reductase; delta 13 PG Reductase; delta 13-Reductase, 15-Ketoprostaglandin; delta-13-Reductase, Prostaglandin; Prostaglandin delta-13-Reductase; Prostaglandin-13,14-Reductase
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