Peptide PHI (Peptide Histidine-Isoleucine)

A 27-amino acid peptide with histidine at the N-terminal and isoleucine amide at the C-terminal. The exact amino acid composition of the peptide is species dependent. The peptide is secreted in the intestine, but is found in the nervous system, many organs, and in the majority of peripheral tissues. It has a wide range of biological actions, affecting the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and central nervous systems.
Also Known As:
Peptide Histidine-Isoleucine; Human PHI; PHM Neuropeptide; PHM-27; Peptide HI; Peptide Histidine Methionine; Peptide PHI-27; Peptide-Histidine-Isoleucinamide; Porcine Intestinal Heptacosapeptide; Pro-Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide; Heptacosapeptide, Porcine Intestinal; Histidine Methionine, Peptide; Histidine-Isoleucine, Peptide; Intestinal Heptacosapeptide, Porcine; Intestinal Peptide, Pro-Vasoactive; Methionine, Peptide Histidine; Neuropeptide, PHM; PHI, Human; PHM, Peptide; Peptide Histidine Isoleucinamide; Peptide Histidine Isoleucine; Peptide PHI 27; Peptide, PHI; Peptide, Pro-Vasoactive Intestinal; Pro Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide; Neuropeptide PHI 27; PHI Peptide; Peptide PHM
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