Extra-Adrenal Paraganglioma (Paraganglioma, Extra Adrenal)

A relatively rare, usually benign neoplasm originating in the chemoreceptor tissue of the CAROTID BODY; GLOMUS JUGULARE; GLOMUS TYMPANICUM; AORTIC BODIES; and the female genital tract. It consists histologically of rounded or ovoid hyperchromatic cells that tend to be grouped in an alveolus-like pattern within a scant to moderate amount of fibrous stroma and a few large thin-walled vascular channels. (From Stedman, 27th ed)
Also Known As:
Paraganglioma, Extra Adrenal; Chemodectoma; Paraganglioma, Extra-Adrenal; Paraganglioma, Non-Chromaffin; Chemodectomas; Extra-Adrenal Paragangliomas; Non-Chromaffin Paraganglioma; Non-Chromaffin Paragangliomas; Nonchromaffin Paraganglioma; Nonchromaffin Paragangliomas; Paraganglioma, Non Chromaffin; Paragangliomas, Extra-Adrenal; Paragangliomas, Non-Chromaffin; Paragangliomas, Nonchromaffin; Paraganglioma, Nonchromaffin
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Extra-Adrenal Paraganglioma:
1. Streptozocin (Streptozotocin)FDA Link
2. Doxorubicin (Adriamycin)FDA LinkGeneric
3. Phosphopyruvate Hydratase (Enolase)IBA
4. Chromogranin AIBA
07/01/1998 - "Pheochromocytomas (7/7), chemodectomas (5/7), islet cell carcinomas (2/6), pituitary adenomas (4/6), parathyroid adenomas (3/7), and a C-cell carcinoma (1/1) stained positive for chromogranin A. "
09/25/1993 - "The histopathologic signs implying worse prognosis in extra-adrenal paragangliomas are a decrease in chromogranin A and S-100 immunoreactivity and a rate of cell proliferation of 5% or greater, or a number of cells stained for proliferating cell nuclear antigen greater than 50 in 10 high-power field."
09/25/1993 - "Nine extra-adrenal paragangliomas (three jugulo-tympanic, four carotid-body tumors, and two retroperitoneal) were studied by conventional histological criteria, and also by chromogranin A and neuron-specific enolase (NSE) immunohistochemical staining for the study of chief cells, and S-100 as a marker of sustentacular cells. "
04/01/1994 - "Immunohistochemical demonstration of chromogranin A, chromogranin B, and secretogranin II in extra-adrenal paragangliomas."
04/01/1994 - "Twelve sympathetic and 14 parasympathetic extra-adrenal paragangliomas were investigated immunohistochemically with antibodies against chromogranin A, chromogranin B, and secretogranin II. In sympathetic paragangliomas chromogranin A was found in 12/12 and chromogranin B in 11/12 tumors in almost all chief cells (the remaining tumor was focally chromogranin B positive), whereas secretogranin II was immunolocalized in the majority of chief cells in 5/12, in a focal distribution in 3/12, and only in a few scattered tumor cells in 3/12 cases. "
5. SynaptophysinIBA
6. Immune Sera (Antisera)IBA
7. Dihydroxyphenylalanine (Dopa)IBA
8. Islet cell tumor syndromeIBA
9. 3-Iodobenzylguanidine (Iobenguane)IBA
10. CatecholaminesIBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Radiotherapy
2. Drug Therapy (Chemotherapy)
3. Catheters
4. Conformal Radiotherapy
5. Cystectomy