Palmitoyl-CoA Hydrolase (Palmitoyl Thioesterase)

Enzyme catalyzing reversibly the hydrolysis of palmitoyl-CoA or other long-chain acyl coenzyme A compounds to yield CoA and palmitate or other acyl esters. The enzyme is involved in the esterification of fatty acids to form triglycerides. EC
Also Known As:
Palmitoyl Thioesterase; Long-Chain Fatty-Acyl-CoA Hydrolase; Oleoyl-CoA Acylhydrolase; Stearoyl CoA Hydrolase; Thioesterase I; Acylhydrolase, Oleoyl-CoA; CoA Deacylase, Palmitoyl; CoA Hydrolase, Acyl; CoA Hydrolase, Stearoyl; Deacylase, Palmitoyl CoA; Fatty-Acyl-CoA Hydrolase, Long-Chain; Hydrolase, Acyl CoA; Hydrolase, Long-Chain Fatty-Acyl-CoA; Hydrolase, Palmitoyl-CoA; Hydrolase, Stearoyl CoA; Long Chain Fatty Acyl CoA Hydrolase; Oleoyl CoA Acylhydrolase; Palmitoyl CoA Hydrolase; Thioesterase, Fatty Acyl; Thioesterase, Palmitoyl; Acyl CoA Hydrolase; Fatty Acyl Thioesterase; Palmitoyl CoA Deacylase; Palmitoyl Coenzyme A Hydrolase; Palmitoyl-CoA hydrolase
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