o-Chlorobenzylidenemalonitrile (Tear Gas, CS)

A riot control agent which causes temporary irritation of the eyes and the mucosal surface of the respiratory tract. It is a more potent irritant than OMEGA-CHLOROACETOPHENONE, but less incapacitating.
Also Known As:
Tear Gas, CS; 2-Chlorobenzylidene Malonitrile; 2-Chlorobenzylidenemalonitrile; CS Tear Gas; o-Chlorobenzylidene malonotrile; ortho-Chlorobenzylidene Malonitrile; 2 Chlorobenzylidene Malonitrile; 2 Chlorobenzylidenemalonitrile; Malonitrile, 2-Chlorobenzylidene; Malonitrile, o-Chlorobenzylidene; Malonitrile, ortho-Chlorobenzylidene; malonotrile, o-Chlorobenzylidene; o Chlorobenzylidene Malonitrile; o Chlorobenzylidene malonotrile; o Chlorobenzylidenemalonitrile; ortho Chlorobenzylidene Malonitrile; ortho Chlorobenzylidenemalonitrile; o-Chlorobenzylidene Malonitrile; ortho-Chlorobenzylidenemalonitrile; Propanedinitrile, ((2-chlorophenyl)methylene)-
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