Nonsuppressible Insulin-Like Activity

A blood protein (NSILA) which mimics the biological activity of insulin in serum, but is not suppressed by insulin antibodies. During acid-ethanol extraction of Cohn fraction III, 10% of the activity is found in the supernatant (NSILA-S) and the remaining activity in the precipitate (NSILA-P). The latter is a large molecular compound, much less stable than the soluble fraction. NSILA-S is a more potent growth factor than insulin and exhibits sulfation activity.
Also Known As:
Nonsuppressible Insulinlike Activity; Activity, Nonsuppressible Insulin-Like; Activity, Nonsuppressible Insulinlike; Insulin-Like Activity, Nonsuppressible; Insulinlike Activity, Nonsuppressible; Nonsuppressible Insulin Like Activity; NSILA; NSILA-P; NSILA-S
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10/15/1985 - "Nonsuppressible insulin-like activity and somatomedin C levels in normal pregnant women, in pregnant women with gestational diabetes, and in umbilical cord blood of mature and premature infants."
10/15/1985 - "This study was undertaken to determine the significance of the changes in nonsuppressible insulin-like activity as measured by the fat pad assay and by the levels of immunoreactive somatomedin C, growth hormone, and human placental lactogen in sera of term normal pregnant women, mothers who delivered prematurely, and women with gestational diabetes at term as compared to normal nonpregnant subjects. "
10/15/1985 - "Our investigations showed that (1) nonsuppressible insulin-like activity is elevated during pregnancy, but its level was lower in mothers with gestational diabetes in spite of significantly higher serum human placental lactogen compared with normal pregnant mothers; (2) nonsuppressible insulin-like activity is significantly lower in premature infants than in term infants; (3) somatomedin C levels were significantly elevated in pregnant mothers in spite of suppression of growth hormone; (4) nonsuppressible insulin-like activity and somatomedin C levels in infants of mothers with gestational diabetes were not significantly elevated in spite of higher birth weight, indicating that nonsuppressible insulin-like activity and somatomedins are not the only factors responsible for the increase of birth weight of children of diabetic mothers; (5) there was marked discordance between the growth hormone level in the neonates and somatomedin C levels."
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