Iothalamate Meglumine

A radiopaque medium used for urography, angiography, venography, and myelography. It is highly viscous and binds to plasma proteins.
Also Known As:
Conray 60; Iothalamic Acid Meglumine; Meglumine Iotalamate; Methylglucamine Iotalamate; Methylglucamine Iothalamate; Iotalamate, Meglumine; Iotalamate, Methylglucamine; Iothalamate, Meglumine; Iothalamate, Methylglucamine; Meglumine, Iotalamate; Meglumine, Iothalamate; Meglumine, Iothalamic Acid; Methylglucamine, Iothalamic Acid; Iotalamate Meglumine; Iothalamic Acid Methylglucamine; Meglumine Iothalamate; D-Glucitol, 1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)-, 3-(acetylamino)-2,4,6-triiodo-5-((methylamino)carbonyl)benzoate (salt)
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