Iodohippuric Acid (Sodium Iodohippurate)

An iodine-containing compound used in pyelography as a radiopaque medium. If labeled with radioiodine, it can be used for studies of renal function.
Also Known As:
Sodium Iodohippurate; I-Hippuran; I-OIH; Orthoiodohippurate; Radio-Hippuran; Sodium o-Iodohippurate; ortho-Iodohippurate; Acid, Iodohippuric; I Hippuran; I OIH; Iodohippurate, Sodium; Radio Hippuran; RadioHippuran; Sodium o Iodohippurate; o-Iodohippurate, Sodium; ortho Iodohippurate; Iodobenzoylglycine; Glycine, N-(2-iodobenzoyl)-
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