Galactose Oxidase

An enzyme that oxidizes galactose in the presence of molecular oxygen to D-galacto-hexodialdose. It is a copper protein. EC
Also Known As:
Oxidase, Galactose; D-Galactose:oxygen 6-oxidoreductase
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09/01/1993 - "Surface mucous cell differentiation of gastric cancers of each histologic type has previously been detected by the galactose oxidase-Schiff (GOS) reaction although this is not always positive in all cases. "
09/01/1993 - "Galactose oxidase-Schiff, SH-9 and cathepsin E reactive or positive cancer cells were found in 145 (71.4%), 151 (74.4%) and 144 (70.9%), respectively, of the 203 primary stomach cancers investigated."
09/01/1993 - "Markers of surface mucous cell type human gastric cancer cells: galactose oxidase-Schiff reactive mucins, monoclonal antibody SH-9 reactive mucins and cathepsin E."
07/01/1990 - "Histochemical differentiation of mucins (paradoxical concanavalin A, the galactose oxidase-Schiff sequence and sialidase-galactose oxidase-Schiff) and immunohistochemical staining of Pgs I and II, allowed differentiation of gastric cancer cells from different histological categories into gastric elements including mucous neck cells, pyloric gland cells and surface mucous cells or intestinal elements including goblet cell and intestinal absorptive cell types. "
08/01/1990 - "By histochemical staining for mucin [by the paradoxical concanavalin A method, the modified method with labeled peanut lectin, the galactose oxidase-Schiff (GOS) reaction, and the sialidase-GOS reaction] and immunohistochemical staining of Pg 1, gastric cancer cells of each histological group could be clearly classified into a gastric type, including mucous neck cell pyloric gland cell, and surface mucous cell subtypes, and an intestinal type, including goblet-cell, and intestinal absorptive cell subtypes. "
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