Estradiol Dehydrogenases

Enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of estradiol at the 17-hydroxyl group in the presence of NAD+ or NADP+ to yield estrone and NADH or NADPH. The 17-hydroxyl group can be in the alpha- or beta-configuration. EC
Also Known As:
17 beta-Estradiol Dehydrogenase; Estradiol 17 alpha-Dehydrogenase; Estradiol 17 beta-Dehydrogenase; Estradiol Dehydrogenase; 17 alpha-Dehydrogenase, Estradiol; 17 beta Estradiol Dehydrogenase; 17 beta-Dehydrogenase, Estradiol; Dehydrogenase, 17 beta-Estradiol; Dehydrogenase, Estradiol; Dehydrogenases, Estradiol; Estradiol 17 alpha Dehydrogenase; Estradiol 17 beta Dehydrogenase; Estradiol-17 beta:NAD(P)+ 17-oxidoreductase
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