A synthetic steroid with estrogenic activity.
Also Known As:
Stimuvol; Estra-1,3,5(10)-triene-16,17-diol, 3-methoxy-, (16alpha,17alpha)-
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1. Infertility (Sterility)
06/01/1981 - "[Treatment of female endocrine sterility with epimestrol]."
09/05/1980 - "In a gynaecological practice 49 patients were treated for primary or secondary infertility with epimestrol between January 1977 and June 1979. "
07/01/1975 - "Special reference is made to the use of gonadotropins, gonadal hormones, and other substances such as chlomiphene, epimestrol, and cyclophenyl in the treatment of sterility. "
05/07/1983 - "Some uncertainties however, exist with regard to the contraceptive action displayed by the agonist and antagonist analogues at certain doses, and with regard to the antigonadic action GnRH appears to have, both in the depression of oestrogen and progesterone production and in the arrest of follicular maturation an ovulation; --a preference for clomiphene among the antioestrogens in cases of primarily hypothalamic dysfunction and in ovarian micropolycystosis, provided endogenous oestrogenic activity is within normal limits; --a preference for hypoprolactinaemic drugs (bromoergocriptine, lysuride) in PRL-dependency, marked solely by an appreciable increase in serum LTH, screened as functional by means of selective tests; --experimentation of epimestrol, mainly in cases of sterility due to lutein deficiency."
07/01/1975 - "The present trends in the utilization of hormones in the treatment of sterility are reviewed, special reference being made to the utilization of gonadotrophins, hypothalamic hormones and gonadal hormones as well as other substances (clomiphene, epimestrol, cyclophenyl) that are also utilized in this type of treatments. "
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4. Oligomenorrhea
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