Satellite DNA (Satellite DNAs)

Highly repetitive DNA sequences found in HETEROCHROMATIN, mainly near centromeres. They are composed of simple sequences (very short) (see MINISATELLITE REPEATS) repeated in tandem many times to form large blocks of sequence. Additionally, following the accumulation of mutations, these blocks of repeats have been repeated in tandem themselves. The degree of repetition is on the order of 1000 to 10 million at each locus. Loci are few, usually one or two per chromosome. They were called satellites since in density gradients, they often sediment as distinct, satellite bands separate from the bulk of genomic DNA owing to a distinct BASE COMPOSITION.
Also Known As:
Satellite DNAs; DNA, Satellite; Satellite I DNA; DNA, Satellite I; DNAs, Satellite; DNAs, Satellite I; I DNA, Satellite; I DNAs, Satellite; Satellite I DNAs
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11/01/2007 - "False-positive prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 18 by interphase FISH: hybridization of chromosome 18 alpha-satellite DNA probe (D18Z1) to the heterochromatic region of chromosome 9."
08/01/2007 - "Thirteen cases were studied by interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) by using a chromosome 4-specific alpha -satellite DNA probe labeled by spectrum Green to ascertain the presence of a clone with trisomy 4. Five cases with t (8; 21) revealed by karyotypic analysis were detected by dual-color FISH using t (8; 21) translocation probe to confirm the AML1/ETO rearrangement. "
08/01/1995 - "Using an alpha-satellite DNA probe to the centromere of chromosome 12, trisomy 12 was found in a proportion of cells from all five specimens with high grade lymphoproliferative disease, but in only one of five samples collected before transformation. "
04/01/1992 - "In situ hybridization analysis, with a biotinylated probe to chromosome 7 alpha-satellite DNA, revealed trisomy 7 in 53 of 200 uncultured cells from this PVNS sample. "
09/01/1995 - "Old air-dried bone marrow smears from 15 myeloma patients obtained at presentation were probed with alpha satellite DNA sequences to chromosomes 3 and 7. Numerical chromosome aberrations were found in eight (53%) of the patients, including six (of 12) with trisomy 7, and two (of eight) with trisomy 3. This study demonstrates that FISH is a sensitive method for the detection of numerical aberrations in myeloma and for the study of old slides for retrospective analysis."
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