Dibutyryl Cyclic GMP

N-(1-Oxobutyl)-cyclic 3',5'-(hydrogen phosphate)-2'-butanoate guanosine. A derivative of cyclic GMP. It has a higher resistance to extracellular and intracellular phosphodiesterase than cyclic GMP.
Also Known As:
Dibutyryl Guanosine 3,5 Monophosphate; Cyclic GMP, Dibutyryl; Dibutyryl Guanosine 3',5' Monophosphate; GMP, Dibutyryl Cyclic; Guanosine-3',5'-Monophosphate, Dibutyryl; Dibutyryl Guanosine-3',5'-Monophosphate; Guanosine, N-(1-oxobutyl)-, cyclic 3',5'-(hydrogen phosphate) 2'-butanoate
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