Complement C8 (C8 Complement)

A 150-kDa serum glycoprotein composed of three subunits with each encoded by a different gene (C8A; C8B; and C8G). This heterotrimer contains a disulfide-linked C8alpha-C8gamma heterodimer and a noncovalently associated C8beta chain. C8 is the next component to bind the C5-7 complex forming C5b-8 that binds COMPLEMENT C9 and acts as a catalyst in the polymerization of C9.
Also Known As:
C8 Complement; Complement 8; Complement Component 8; Complement Component C8 alpha; Complement Component C8 alpha Chain; Complement Component C8 beta; Complement Component C8 beta Chain; Complement Component C8 gamma; Complement Component C8 gamma Chain; C8, Complement; Complement, C8; Component 8, Complement
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