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Alpha-Chymotrypsinogen; Chymotrypsinogen A; Chymotrypsinogen beta; A, Chymotrypsinogen; Alpha Chymotrypsinogen; beta, Chymotrypsinogen
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03/01/1980 - "Tumor homogenate contained amylase, trypsinogen, and chymotrypsinogen, and the electron microscopic examination revealed that many tumor cells contained zymogen-like granules. "
07/01/2013 - "The aim of the present study was to investigate the in vitro effects of a mixture of two pancreatic pro-enzymes, i.e., Chymotrypsinogen and Trypsinogen, and the enzyme Amylase on three human cancer cell lines, i.e., OE33 (derived from an oesophageal carcinoma), Panc1 (derived from a pancreatic carcinoma) and Caco-2 (derived from a colon carcinoma). "
12/01/1982 - "We have previously established that secretory proteins from a rat acinar cell tumor lack two forms of procarboxypeptidase B, are deficient in a major lipase species, and possess markedly reduced amounts of the basic proteins proelastase, basic chymotrypsinogen, basic trypsinogen and ribonuclease (Iwanij, V., and J.D. "
12/01/1982 - "Our results indicate that a group of basic polypeptides including proelastase, basic trypsinogen, basic chymotrypsinogen, and ribonuclease, two out of three forms of procarboxypeptidase B, and the major lipase species were greatly reduced or absent in tumor cell secretion. "
02/15/1987 - "Nine acinar cell carcinomas of the pancreas, 2 pancreatoblastomas, 16 solid-cystic (papillary-cystic) tumors, and 20 ductal adenocarcinomas were immunocytochemically investigated using antisera against four pancreatic enzymes (alpha-amylase, lipase, trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen), four pancreatic hormones, neuron specific enolase (NSE), alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAT), carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and CA 19-9. Lipase, trypsinogen, and chymotrypsinogen, but no alpha-amylase were detected in all acinar cell carcinomas and pancreatoblastomas. "
3. Pancreatitis
4. Autolysis
10/05/1985 - "Compared with the active enzyme, four spatially adjacent peptide segments, in particular, are differently organized in the zymogen: the amino-terminal segment 11-19 runs in a rigid but strained conformation along the molecular surface due to the covalent linkage through Cys1; also segment 184-194 is in a rigid unique conformation due to several mutually stabilizing interactions with the amino-terminal segment; segment 216-222, which also lines the specificity pocket, adapts to different crystal contacts and exists in both chymotrypsinogen molecules in different, but defined conformations; in particular, disulfide bridge 191-220, which covalently links both latter segments, has opposite handedness in molecules A and B; finally, the autolysis loop 142 to 153 is organized in a variety of ways and in its terminal part is completely disordered. "
07/04/2003 - "The autolysis loop (residues 143-154 in chymotrypsinogen numbering) plays a pivotal role in determining the macromolecular substrate and inhibitor specificity of coagulation proteases. "
03/01/2000 - "Conformational differences between delta-chymotrypsin and chymotrypsinogen in the region of the flexible autolysis loop (residues 145-150) were observed. "
09/02/1994 - "NH2-terminal sequence analysis of these autolytic fragments confirmed the gamma-thrombin product (cleavages at Arg75-Tyr76 and/or Arg77A-Asn78, and Lys149E-Gly150; chymotrypsinogen numbering) with a minor amount of another autolysis product, beta-thrombin (first two cleavages only). "
08/08/2006 - "The autolysis loops (amino acids 143-154, chymotrypsinogen numbering) of plasma serine proteases play key roles in determining the specificity of protease inhibition by plasma serpins. "
5. Chronic Pancreatitis

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