Cyclic AMP Receptor Protein (Catabolite Activator Protein)

A transcriptional regulator in prokaryotes which, when activated by binding cyclic AMP, acts at several promoters. Cyclic AMP receptor protein was originally identified as a catabolite gene activator protein. It was subsequently shown to regulate several functions unrelated to catabolism, and to be both a negative and a positive regulator of transcription. Cell surface cyclic AMP receptors are not included (CYCLIC AMP RECEPTORS), nor are the eukaryotic cytoplasmic cyclic AMP receptor proteins, which are the regulatory subunits of CYCLIC AMP-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASES.
Also Known As:
Catabolite Activator Protein; Catabolite Gene Activator Protein; Activator Protein, Catabolite; Activator Proteins, Catabolite; Activator, Catabolic Gene; Activators, Catabolic Gene; Catabolic Gene Activator; Catabolite Activator Proteins; Catabolite Regulator Protein; Catabolite Regulator Proteins; Cyclic AMP Receptor Proteins; Gene Activator, Catabolic; Gene Activators, Catabolic; Protein, Catabolite Activator; Protein, Catabolite Regulator; Proteins, Catabolite Activator; Proteins, Catabolite Regulator; Regulator Protein, Catabolite; Regulator Proteins, Catabolite; cAMP Receptor Protein; cAMP Receptor Proteins; Protein, cAMP Receptor; Proteins, cAMP Receptor; Receptor Protein, cAMP; Receptor Proteins, cAMP; Catabolic Gene Activators; Catabolite Gene Activator Proteins
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