Alpha- or beta-acetyl derivatives of DIGOXIN or lanatoside C from Digitalis lanata. They are better absorbed and longer acting than digoxin and are used in congestive heart failure.
Also Known As:
ASTA Medica Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; Digostada; Digotab; Digoxin Didier; Gladixol N; Hormosan Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; Kardiamed; Lilly Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; Longdigox; Medice Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; Novodigal; R.A.N. Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; Stada Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; Stillacor; Wolff Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; alpha-Acetyldigoxin; beta-Acetyldigoxin; beta-Acetyldigoxin-ratiopharm; corax Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; ct-Arzneimittel Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; digox von ct; gepepharm Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; glycotop; ratiopharm Brand of beta-Acetyldigoxin; ASTA Medica Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; Didier, Digoxin; Hormosan Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; Lilly Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; Medice Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; N, Gladixol; R.A.N. Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; Stada Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; Wolff Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; alpha Acetyldigoxin; beta Acetyldigoxin; beta Acetyldigoxin ratiopharm; beta-Acetyldigoxin Hormosan Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin Lilly Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin Medice Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin R.A.N. Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin Stada Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin Wolff Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin corax Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin ct-Arzneimittel Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin gepepharm Brand; beta-Acetyldigoxin ratiopharm Brand; betaAcetyldigoxinratiopharm; corax Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; ct Arzneimittel Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; ct, digox von; gepepharm Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; ratiopharm Brand of beta Acetyldigoxin; von ct, digox; Desglucolanatosides C
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