familial visceral Amyloidosis

Also Known As:
Amyloidosis, familial visceral; Amyloidosis 8; Amyloidosis, familial renal; Amyloidosis, systemic nonneuropathic; German type amyloidosis; Ostertag type amyloidosis
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09/01/2004 - "A sixth patient with localized laryngeal amyloidosis turned out to have systemic AL (immunocyte-derived) amyloidosis 8 years later. "
01/01/1994 - "During the past 14-year period, we found 19 cases of systemic amyloidoses: 8 (42%) with primary systemic amyloidosis, 8 (42%) associated with multiple myeloma and 3 (16%) were secondary amyloidosis. "
01/01/2015 - "The first pure form of Ostertag-type amyloidosis in Japan: a sporadic case of hereditary fibrinogen Aα-chain amyloidosis associated with a novel frameshift variant."
07/01/2004 - "Our hypotheses are supported by the following observations: (1) the number of stenoses is more frequent in AD than in the control population (p = 0.008); (2) the average index of occlusion is greater in AD than in the control group (p < 0.00001); (3) the index of stenosis and the total number of stenoses per case are positively correlated (R = 0.67); (4) the index of stenosis correlates with the neuropathological lesions of AD and with the MMSE psychometric test; (5) the number and degree of atherosclerosis of the anterior, middle and posterior cerebral arteries is more severe in cases of AD than in the control population; (6) atherosclerosis severity is apparently associated with the severity of the vascular amyloidosis; (7) the WM rarefaction correlates with the severity of the atherosclerosis and vascular amyloidosis; (8) the total cell count and microvessel count in the areas of WM rarefaction correlate with the neuropathological lesions of AD and with the MMSE score. "
01/01/2006 - "Nonneuropathic amyloidoses (Ostertag type amyloidosis) include those due to abnormalities in lysozyme, fibrinogen Aalpha-chain, and apolipoprotein A-I and A-II. The role of lysozyme in amyloid-related human disorders was first described in 1993; to date, there have been only 9 publications describing this disorder, which is a nonneuropathic form of hereditary amyloidosis. "
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