X-linked familial Mitral valve prolapse

Also Known As:
Mitral valve prolapse, familial, X-linked; Barlow syndrome; Mitral regurgitation, familial; Myxomatous valvular disease, familial; Prolapsed mitral valve
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05/16/1981 - "Angiocardiography, complemented or not by His bundle exploration and/or coronary arteriography, revealed the presence of a heart disease likely to produce emboli in 11 cases, and in 8 cases, this was prolapsed mitral valve. "
07/01/2008 - "The incidence ranges from 16.1 to 5.4 new cardiac diseases per 1,000 newborn babies per year if some minor congenital heart defects that are not considered in other publications are excluded, such as interatrial communication of the ostium secundum type, interventricular communication of the small muscle, mild prolapsed mitral valve, bicuspid aortic valve, patent ductus arteriosus in prematures infants, silent ductus arteriosus and congenital arrhythmias. "
10/01/1976 - "Straited membranous structures (SMS), which consisted of sheets or ribbons of 130 to 220 A in thickness, showed variable patterns of periodic substructure, and resembled SMS described in renal and ocular tissues in various diseases, were found in extracellular locations in a) mitral valve (2 patients) and tricuspid valve (1 patient) of 2 patients with mitral valvular prolapse, b) mitral valve and femoral artery of 1 patient with Marfan's syndrome and prolapsed mitral valve, and c) myocardium (2 patients) and thickened endocardium (3 patients) of 3 patients with congenital heart disease associated with muscular obstruction to right ventricular outflow. "
08/01/1997 - "Eight patients had underlying heart disease (two prolapsed mitral valve, three myocarditis, two dilated cardiomyopathy and one mitral stenosis). "
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